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Tips for working from home


Working from home for an extended period of time is something new and unfamiliar for many people. Here is some advice for the newest telecommuters.

Some basic information is universal and may help both newcomers and old-timers to catch up.

The emergency situation and the ’stay home!’ campaign has brought along many changes in people’s usual work and in various work situations. This has caused changes also in their work load, which has decreased for some people but increased significantly for the others.

  • It is very difficult to give advice that is useful for everyone, but we will attempt to give you some basic tips.
  • Make your workstation as comfortable as possible, but also keep in mind to sit in the correct position for most of the time. It is fine to work while lying on the sofa for a limited period, but your main workstation should be behind a desk like usually in the office.
  • Follow a routine, even if it is a bit different from the usual. Make a daily schedule.
  • Take breaks – both short breaks and a lunch break. Do not eat in front of the computer while writing an e-mail with the other hand. Have a virtual coffee-break with friends and colleagues. If you have enough time, make sure to go for a walk during the lunch break – it helps to refresh your mind.
  • Communicate with your colleagues – write and talk on Skype, call, and have regular meetings. Remember that you are not alone!
  • If you are not feeling well, do not try to be a hero and stay at work. If you are ill, then take care of yourself.

We wish you health and strength!

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Tips for working from home
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