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Cash as a potential source of infection


Question: I work at a cash register and must accept cash from customers and return change all day long. I cannot wash my hands after every customer and the employer has also not provided disinfectants. The employees have also not received gloves.

Response by Piret Kaljula, work environment consultant of the Labour Inspectorate:

We all know that cash may really be dirty in the sense that there may be pathogens on it. It is always reasonable to be careful when handling cash and wash hands frequently. In the current situation, sales clerks and cashiers should be especially careful. For example, it is not realistically possible to wash one’s hands after every customer at the cash register of a convenient store, but observing hygiene requirements is extremely important for protecting the health of cashiers. Thus, we would like to ask employers to think about how their employees can wash their hands, ensure possibilities for disinfection of hands (hand disinfectants to each employee), and, if necessary, to issue gloves to cashiers (there must be enough spare gloves so that they could be changed, if necessary).

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Cash as a potential source of infection
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