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Vacation Schedule

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Vacations are planned using a schedule, compiled and disclosed to the employees by the end of March, at the latest. Vacation times are determined by the employer, taking into account the requests of employees (if compatible with the company’s interests).

The employer is obliged to grant a vacation on the times requested by the employee in the following cases:

  • to a woman directly before or after maternity leave, or after parental leave;
  • to a man during their partner’s maternity leave, or after parental leave;
  • to a parent raising a child younger than 7;
  • to a parent on the child’s school holiday, if the child is 7 to 10 years old;
  • to a minor attending compulsory schooling on a school holiday.

The vacation schedule determines the vacation length according to the start and end dates. If the employee has unused vacation days from the previous calendar year, these are also highlighted in the vacation schedule.

If the employer does not compile a vacation schedule, the employee is entitled to use their vacation in the full length and at the suitable time by notifying the employer in writing at least 14 calendar days in advance. Such notice must be given in a form reproducible in writing.

A scheduled vacation can be changed if both parties agree. The vacation can be divided into parts – however, the employee must use at least 14 calendar days of vacation in one part.

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