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Employer’s Term for the Advance Notice

Viimati uuendatud: 21.02.2017

The employer notifies about the termination of the contract of employment in a reasonable time period if the contract is terminated due to the employee’s decreased capacity for work.

In the case of a redundancy situation, the notification term depends on the length of employment at the employer’s company:

  • less than 1 year – at least 15 calendar days;
  • 1–5 years – at least 30 calendar days;
  • 5–10 years – at least 60 calendar days;
  • over 10 years – at least 90 calendar days.

If the employer does not adhere to these legally stipulated terms, they are obliged to monetarily compensate for the shorter notification period.

The employer does not need to notify about the contract termination in exceptional cases only when it is not reasonable to continue the employment relationship until the end of the notification period.

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