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Organization of the Medical Examination

Viimati uuendatud: 22.02.2017

  • Who? A medical examination is carried out by the occupational health doctor who is obliged to oversee the employee’s working environment and work organization on the spot.
  • Where? The employees’ medical examination can only be carried out in such buildings and rooms which have a corresponding use permit. Thus, it is not acceptable to perform the employees’ medical examination on the employer’s premises (except when the employer is a medical institution that organizes the medical examination of their employees).
  • When? The first medical examination is mandatory during the first month of employment. It must not be postponed to the end of the trial period, as the general health situation of the employee might not be suitable for the working environment. The family doctor’s certificate cannot be requested from the new employee as the family doctor does not make a medical examination to determine the suitability of the employee’s health to the specific working environment.

The time of the next examination is determined by the occupational health doctor, bearing in mind the employee’s general health situation and their suitability to the specific working environment.

NB! An adult employee must visit the occupational health doctor at least once every three years and a minor employee at least once every two years, but the specific frequency is determined by the occupational health doctor.

  • Result? The occupational health doctor forwards the employee’s medical examination decision to the employer and explains it to the employee, who must sign the decision.

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