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Risk Assessment

Viimati uuendatud: 26.02.2017

Risk assessment aims to detect all workplace hazards and to assess them.

It is recommended to carry out risk assessment in the following stages:

  • collect information about the working environment, work procedures and employees;
  • detect working environment risk factors;
  • assess risks associated with the risk factors – the severity of the possible consequences is evaluated and whether the risk is tolerable is decided;
  • plan activities to eliminate or decrease the risk;
  • document risk management activities. The compiled documentation is called the working environment risk assessment.

The employer must update the working environment when the working conditions change, tools or equipment are replaced or upgraded, new data has become evident about the risk factor’s influence on a person’s health, when the risk level has changed due to an occupational accident or dangerous situation, or when an occupational health doctor has diagnosed an occupational disease.

Risk assessment can be carried out either by the employer or their representative (e.g. the working environment specialist), but it can also be ordered from a corresponding service provider.

The upside of assessing risks in a company “on one’s own” is primarily teamwork: no such universal person exists who is familiar with all work processes who could assess these from the perspective of risk factors. On the other hand, an ordered service provides a certain sense of certainty that the assessment is carried out by a specialist aware of the risk assessment and documentation methodology. Also, the specialist as a bystander can discover or assess such risk factors that do not appear at first sight.

Some factors are known only to employees engaged in specific tasks who habitually follow or ignore the safety requirements. It’s possible that not even these employees are aware of the risks. Some risks are connected to certain technologies or devices and various situations can occur in different work stages – an outsider can only spot a few during the brief visit.

The best option is to assess risks in cooperation with the service provider and a company representative. In this way, two experts join forces – the employer who is familiar with the company’s work and its peculiarities, and the service provider who knows the risk assessment methodology and can objectively assess the risks. The best risk assessment model also takes into consideration the employees’ opinion about risks and preventive measures.

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