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About YGSS for the local governments

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The Youth Guarantee Support System is a tool for the local government to learn about young people not in education, employment or training in their area and, if necessary, provide them with support for continuing their education and reaching the labor market.

The Youth Guarantee Support System  consists of case management  and the solution of the STAR (Social Services and Support Data Register) information system (see the information system solution guide).

 The Youth Guarantee Support System is aimed at young people aged 16-26 who fulfil all of the following conditions:

  1. is not studying;
  2. is not working;
  3. is not registered as unemployed;
  4. has not been assigned permanent lack of capacity for work or loss of work capacity of over 80%;
  5. is not receiving a job support service;
  6. is not engaged in business;
  7. is not receiving compensation for raising a child who is under one and a half years old;
  8. is not imprisoned or in pre-trial detention; 
  9. is not in substitute or defense services.

The legal bases for the Youth Guarantee Support System are described in § 151 of the Social Welfare Act.

Joining the Youth Guarantee Support System

The local government can join the support system by submitting an application through the STAR information system. More detailed instructions are provided in the information system manual.

Applications can be submitted before 1st of March or 1st of October prior to each data request. The request will be launched on March 15th or October 15th respectively. The application can be submitted within one month before the request is launched. The resulting listings will be made available in STAR within five working days after the request is launched. 

Instructions and training materials for the STAR information system are available at

Opportunities to join an open call for proposals

A local government that does not have the resources to provide the additional services needed to join a youth guarantee system can apply for funding through an open call for proposals.

Support is given to a project that provides case management and support activities for a 16-26-year-old inactive young person identified through the Youth Guarantee Support System to help him or her find employment or be integrated in the education system.

If the applicant is not a local government unit, the local government, where the inactive young person has been registered according to the population register, must be involved as the partner of the project.

The implementation unit will notify the start of the current application at least 20 working days before the opening date of the call for proposals.

The deadline for processing the application is up to 60 working days from the deadline for submitting the application.

The minimum grant is € 50,100 and the maximum is € 400,000 per project.

The maximum contribution rate is up to 85% of the eligible costs.

The application can be submitted to the SA Innove in the structural support e-environment at or be digitally signed. Forms and more detailed information can be found at


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