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Health check

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Health Check

The health check by the occupational health doctor aims to evaluate the condition of the employee’s health and the suitability of the working conditions for the employee, and to diagnose illnesses caused by the work and occupational diseases.

The second aim of the health check is equally important – discover such health disorders as early as possible which might be caused by the working environment. Early discovery of a problem enables to prevent the further decay of the employee’s health.

Health Check Arrangement Basics:

1. Conduct the working environment risk assessment. It determines the hazards that might influence the health of employees. Hazards could be:

2. Don’t underestimate the influence of the hazard to the employee’s health. Consult the working environment representative, occupational health doctor and the occupational healthcare professional.

3. Choose the provider of the occupational health care services and forward the base data for health checks:

  • List of employees (Annex 2): this list is compiled by the employee. It is important to mark for each employee what hazards they come into contact with in their workplace, and how long each employee has worked on the specific position;
  • TKK risk assessment;
  • Hazard measurement protocols;
  • Decisions of previous health checks, if any are available.

4. Organize employees’ health check:

  • Both initial and recurrent health checks occur during the working time and at the employer’s expense. The employee must not go to the health check on a free day.
  • New employees must have their health checked during the first four months of employment (initial health check).
  • The frequency of health checks is determined by the occupational health doctor. The employer does not decide whether to have the health checks in one, two or three years; the occupational health doctor does.
  • Health checks of minor employees must occur at least once in two years. The occupational health doctor determines the exact frequency.

5. Be aware that the employee is asked to fill in their health declaration prior to the doctor’s visit (health check regulation Annex 3). Data that the employee presents to the doctor in the declaration is confidential.

6. Analyses required for each employee are determined by the occupational health doctor based on the aforementioned documents and company visit. If necessary, the doctor involves other medical specialists or, when the employee agrees, asks the employee’s health data from a doctor that the employee has visited.

7. Examine the health check decision about the employee, sent by the occupational health doctor. The doctor forwards the decision to the employer after notifying the employee as well. The employee confirms that they were notified about the decision by signing it.

8.  Decision and suggestions by the occupational health doctor

  • The decision by the occupational health doctor is mandatory for the employer (for example, “cannot work in a noisy environment”; “may not lift weights exceeding 10 kg”; “cannot do work with arms lifted up”). If the occupational health doctor wants the employer to change the work process and the decision includes “necessary to re-organize work and may work part time (not over 6 hours per day)”, the employer must do the corresponding  changes. The doctor does not do any ungrounded decisions; changes are required to preserve the employee’s work ability and to prevent work-related health disorders.
  • If the doctor’s decision reads “therapeutic gymnastics are recommended” or “recommended neck and shoulder massage, 10 times, twice a year”, then this is recommended to the employer and the employer and employee must mutually decide, when and on whose expense the recommendations shall be followed. But here, the employee must make their own conclusions, think about their health and find a way to follow the doctor’s recommendations.

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