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Employee’s Follow-Up Training

Viimati uuendatud: 22.02.2017

The follow-up training supports the continuous development of the employee as a specialist. The ECA § 28 section 2 subsection 5 states that the employer is obliged to provide professional training for the employee to increase their knowledge and skills in relation to the company’s activities, bear the training costs and pay average salary during training. The employee is obliged to participate. The employer cannot demand that the employee take academic leave for the work-related training. For instance, if the employer wants a salesperson to improve their skills, they can send the employee to attend corresponding follow-up training.

The training time is treated as working time, and must fall within the marginal rate of work and resting time. But some employers tend to forget this.

In addition to reasonable expenses made for training the employee, the employer sometimes bears even greater expenses. By investing in the employee’s knowledge, the employer wants the additional skills to bring additional profi t to the company during a certain time period, and that competitors cannot allure the specialist over by offering a greater salary.

As a guarantee, the parties may conclude a written training costs’ remuneration agreement with a term of up to three years (ECA § 34). If the employee wishes to leave the company prior to the end of the agreed term, the employee must pay compensation to the employer that is in proportion with the time left until the end of the term.

If the employer sends the working environment representative to the 24-hour training and concludes the training cost remuneration agreement, and if the employee wishes to leave the company before three years have passed, this agreement is null and void. It is legally stipulated that the employer must bear the costs related to the legally mandatory training.

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