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Enforcement of the decision of a Labour Dispute Committee until the end of 2017

Viimati uuendatud: 17.01.2018

The decision of the labour dispute committee shall be communicated to the disputing parties in five working days after the hearing. On the day of the hearing, the parties are notified the time and date of the decision disclosure. On this day, the parties are given a certified true copy of the decision, or it is sent by mail or email.

When a party disagrees with the decision, it can be disputed either partially or fully. The disputing parties can to turn to court (during one month starting from the day after the reception of the decision) and have the same labour dispute reviewed.

If no party files a statement of claim to court, the decision enters into force. If the committee’s decision has been contested in court only partially, the uncontested part enters into force. The committee’s decision is mandatory for the parties.

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