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Filing an Application to the Labour Dispute Committee

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The application must be submitted within the legally set deadline. Otherwise, the claim could be considered as expired.

Deadlines for submitting claims are:

  •  General deadline – four months;
  • Contesting the employment contract cancellation – 30 calendar days as at the receipt of the cancellation notice;
  • Remuneration claim – three years.

The labour dispute committee solves a financial claim which does not exceed 10,000 euros. The financial claim is submitted in the gross amount.

The application shall be reviewed at a labour dispute committee hearing during one month after the claim is filed.

The application is submitted to the regional labour dispute committee of the employer’s place of business.

The application can be filed either on paper or electronically.

The application filed on paper must be signed by the applicant in writing. The application may bear the signature of a representative only if a document attesting the right of representation is attached to the application (unattested proxy). The application on paper and all attachments are signed and presented in two copies and mailed or brought in person to the corresponding labour dispute committee.

If the application is filed electronically, it must be digitally signed. If there are any attachments, these are also forwarded by email.

Unsigned applications shall not be processed.

The application must contain:

  1.   Name of the labour dispute committee where the application is filed;
  2.   Name of the applicant, personal identification or registry code, working position, home or work address, and telecommunications numbers;  
  3. Name of the person against whom the application is filed, their personal identification or registry code, home or work address, and telecommunications numbers;
  4. Clear and unambiguous claim by the applicant; the specific amount in the case of monetary claims;
  5.   Description of circumstances that triggered the claim, how the claim is grounded by, and the claim’s legal basis;
  6.  Documentary evidence for the claim; 
  7. Applicant’s signature.

If documentary evidence is added to the application, it must be marked as appendixes in the application.

If the local county does not have a labour dispute committee, the application can be filed to the labour inspectorate of the employer’s place of business. The locations and contact data of labour dispute committees are available at the Labour Inspectorate’s website.

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