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Workplace Training and Instruction

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Workplace Training and Instruction

The employer must compile safety manuals for works and used tools. The safety manuals must be approved and introduced to the employee.

The working environment specialist must first hold the introductory instruction for the employee. The primary and follow-up instructions guarantee that the employee is aware of hazards that affect them, measures applied to avoid their negative influence, and other information which guarantees their health and safety at the workplace.

The appropriate training of employees regarding the occupational health care and safety is crucial for creating a safe workplace. It is the foundation of prevention activities, helping to avoid occupational accidents and the genesis and deepening of industrial diseases. Properly planned and competently conducted instruction and training of employees also favours the improvement of work efficiency and decreasing costs. When important information is shared with the employees in a logic way, they settle in better and make less mistakes during work.

The working environment specialist holds the introductory instruction for the new employee based on the approved manuals. Introductory instruction must contain:

  • overview of the company’s work organization, internal procedure      rules, and legal acts regulating the occupational health and safety;
  • presentation of measures applied to guarantee occupational health      and safety;
  • code of conduct in the case of a hazard or occupational accident;
  • instructions for avoiding environment contamination;
  • employee’s legal rights and responsibilities;
  • contact data of the working environment representative, first aid      giver and the local Labour Inspectorate agency.

The contact data of the working environment representative, first aid giver and the local Labour Inspectorate agency must be fixed in the introductory manual. However, these may be located elsewhere (e.g. notice-board) if the instruction determines where this data can be found.

The introductory instruction is held for the new employee at their future place of work by a competent person appointed by the employer.

During the primary instruction, the following is introduced to the employee:

  • safety manuals compiled and approved by the employer concerning the      work, used devices, machines, tools, vehicles and other instruments;
  • workplace hazards and the use of the mandatory personal protective      equipment;
  • ergonomically correct working positions and movements;
  • employee’s organization of work;
  • fire and electricity safety requirements;
  • the location of the emergency phone, first aid kit and fire      extinguisher;
  • safety signs used at the workplace and the location of evacuation      routes and emergency exits.

Follow-up instruction must be organized for the employee if:

  • new occupational health and safety manuals or legislation is      approved, or when existing requirements change;
  • the work order changes, or the employee has had a break from work      exceeding three months;
  • the technology or tools are replaced or upgraded;
  • the employee is transferred to some other work, or if their work      tasks change considerably;
  • the employee has breached occupational safety requirements in a way      it caused or could have caused an occupational accident;
  • works and activities occur, which do not belong to the employee’s      occupational responsibilities as specified in the contract of employment;
  • the manager of the structural unit or the employee themselves think      it is necessary;
  • the labour inspector sees it as necessary.

The content and duration of the follow-up instruction is determined by the employer.

Legislation does not require periodical follow-up instructions, but if the wish arises, the employer is allowed to organize it.

Training to learn safe work techniques is organized to the employee after the primary instruction. If necessary, also after the follow-up instruction.

The employee’s introductory, primary and follow-up instruction, training, and allowing to independent work are registered in a corresponding diary or database. The employee may be allowed to independent work if the employer is certain that all introduced safety requirements are clear to the employee.

The content of registered data is specified in Regulation No. 80 of 14.12.2000 on the Procedure of training and in-service training regarding occupational health and safety by the Minister of Social Affairs. The form of the kept diary or database (e.g. registry cards) is not important – registering the data listed in §8 of the Regulation is.

Instructions may be formulated both digitally and on paper, as desired. If the company wishes to introduce safety manuals to the employees digitally, a separate database should be created. This database should enable identifying a person by their digital signature. Data kept in the database must correspond to the requirements in the regulation “Order of Occupational Health and Safety Instruction and Follow-Up Training”.

The materials must remain accessible to the employee also after the instruction.

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