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Rights and Responsibilities of the Working Environment Specialist

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Rights and Responsibilities of the Working Environment Specialist

The tasks of the working environment specialist include organizing safe working conditions that comply with all legal requirements. For example, they organize the working environment risk assessment that determines the workplace hazards on the employees’ safety and health. Based on the risk assessment results, an action plan shall be composed to remove or alleviate the effect of the discovered hazards.

To grant safety, the working environment specialist must also monitor the daily working conditions – if a direct hazard on the employee’s health and life appears, the specialist is obliged to temporarily stop the work until the hazard has been eliminated. Legally, the employees must follow all instructions related to the working environment that the working environment specialist gives. The employer must provide the working environment specialist with equipment required for carrying out their tasks.

The specialist cooperates with other parties – among other, the employees and their representatives (e.g., asks their opinion about the workplace hazards, involves them in the choice of personal protective equipment) and the providers of occupational health care services (e.g., orders the working environment hazard factors’ measuring service from the occupational hygienist, consults the occupational psychologist on relieving the work-related pressures of employees).

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