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Training of the Working Environment Representative

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Training of the Working Environment Representative

Within two months after the election, the representative must be sent to the working environment training. It is usually held in 3-day courses (in total, 24 hours) provided by training establishments registered at the Ministry of Social Affairs. The training must take place during the working time and at the employer’s expense.

The training of the working environment representative is flexible both in terms of regularity and content. The representative must be sent to follow-up training, if:

  • important changes are taking place in the working environment; tools or technology is being exchanged (e.g., a technology is applied that considerably influences the work safety of employees);
  • legal acts related to the working environment are considerably changed (for example, follow-up training could be required for a      representative of  a construction company after the regulation “Occupational Health Care and Safety Requirements in the Field of Construction” is amended);
  • when the labour inspector, working environment council or the working environment representative himself thinks that the follow-up training is necessary.

Follow-up training could also be required in a circumstance when the chosen representative has already been a working environment representative in some other company and gone through the training.

The working environment representative’s follow-up training does not have any mandatory curriculum; the content depends on the needs of the employer and employees. The institutions offering follow-up training have also been registered at the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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