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The working environment has changed a lot over the last few decades. The changes have been shaped by the rapid development of technology and people’s changing attitudes. Employees increasingly expect and presume to have flexible working arrangements and seek the best working conditions suiting their living arrangements. Finding the necessary human resources in the labour market is becoming more and more difficult for the entrepreneurs and requires creative and flexible working environment solutions. Therefore, the growing trend among entrepreneurs is to allow teleworking, which helps the employer to find and keep motivated employees.

There are many positive aspects to teleworking, such as a better balance of work and family life, cost savings for both the employee and employer, job creation in rural areas, and more active inclusion of people with decreased work capability.

The growth and importance of teleworking is also illustrated by the Framework Agreement on Telework of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation and the Estonian Trade Union Confederation, with which the parties agreed on the recommended principles for teleworking.

When providing teleworking, employers must take into account that from an occupational health and safety perspective, teleworking must also be carried out safely and that teleworkers must comply with occupational health and safety requirements. Since teleworking involves working outside the employer’s territory, it is difficult for the employer to check the actual working environment of the employee and whether the employee is observing occupational health and safety requirements while working. As a result, employers and employees are often unaware of the obligations and rights that arise from this form of work and what they should discuss when entering into a telework agreement.

This guide assists the parties and explains how safety in teleworking can be ensured. This is a recommendatory guide and not an excuse for not complying with the law.

The employer can contact the Labour Inspectorate’s helpline or consultants for questions related to the working environment (, hotline (+372) 640 6000 on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). If you have any questions regarding this guide, you can also contact the Working Life Development Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs (


Guide prepared: July 2019

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