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Who Conducts the Risk Assessment?

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Who Conducts the Risk Assessment?

The risk assessment may be conducted by the employer or their representative, or it may be purchased from a competent service provider.

Both options have their ups and downs. When conducting the risk assessment themselves, the people may be so accustomed to the surrounding working environment that they cannot notice all dangers correctly – resulting in a useless document. Also, the hazards that the employees constantly come into contact with are “used to” are underestimated. This way, the hazard factor influencing the employee’s health shall remain present as the evaluation result says that the risk decrease measures should not be considered.

On the other hand, the overestimation of risks should not be feared – even the slightest activity to decrease any risk could benefit by improving the employees’ attitude towards work and, though a healthier working environment, also the productivity.

The upside of the company-internal risk assessment is teamwork. It is unthinkable to do it alone: there is no universal employee who would know all work processes and could analyse them from the perspective of hazards.

When purchasing the risk assessment service, the service provider could not detect or be able to analyse such hazards that remain invisible at first sight. Some factors are known only to employees engaged in specific tasks, who habitually follow or ignore the safety requirements. It’s possible that not even this employee is aware of the risks. Some risks are connected to certain technologies or devices and various situations can occur in different work stages – an outsider can only spot a few during the brief visit. A serious service provider does investigate the work peculiarities with persistence. Sometimes, the report only contains what is visible to the eye; at other times, it merely reflects the employer’s statements and the workplace is not even visited. The latter approach does not have any sense.

The upside of purchasing the risk assessment service is the sense of security that the analysis is carried out by a specialist competent in the risk assessment and documentation methodology; saving the employer a great deal of time.

It is also worth to consider that the risks will be assessed in cooperation with the service provider and the employer or the company’s representative. In this way, two experts join their forces – the employer who is familiar with the company’s work and its’ peculiarities, and the service provider who knows the risk assessment methodology and can objectively assess the risks without underestimating them. The best risk assessment model also listens to the employees’ opinion about risks and the efficiency of preventive measures.

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