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User Manual of the Personal Protective Equipment

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User Manual of the Personal Protective Equipment

Information in the user manual must be precise and unambiguous, and contain the following data:

1. the name and address or the manufacturer (or their authorized representative);

2. the storage, use, cleaning and maintenance conditions applicant for the PPE;

3. cleaning and maintenance agents recommended for disinfection that, when used according to the manual, do not harm the PPE nor the user;

4. PPE protection level or class (that has been proven with tests);

5. characteristics of accessories suitable for use together with the PPE, and suitable spare parts;

6. protective levels or classes compliant with different hazard levels and use restrictions;

7. the use term or expiration date of the PPE or any of its’ parts;

8. suitable transportation package;

9. implication of the markings;

10. references to legislation that has been followed while constructing this PPE, in addition to the requirements of this regulation;

11. the name, address and registration number of the conformity assessment institution connected with releasing the PPE to the market.

In the case any significant deficiencies are found in the PPE or its’ user manual, the retailer, Consumer Protection Board or the Labour Inspectorate can be consulted.

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