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The Order of Using Personal Protective Equipment

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The Order of Using Personal Protective Equipment

The employer shall determine the order and duration of using the protective equipment, taking into account the size of the hazard, frequency of contact, workplace properties and personal protective equipment characteristics. When organizing works, the physical or mental extra load caused by the PPE must be taken into account. If necessary, resting breaks, use limitations or other means to preserve the employee’s working capacity must be applied.

The employer provides the personal protective equipment and organizes their maintenance and cleaning at their own cost. Like the name suggests, PPE is generally meant for personal use. If circumstances require several employees to use the same PPE, the employer must apply measures to guarantee that this would not cause any health or hygiene problems for the users.

The employer must guarantee that personal protective equipment is used according to the manufacturer’s user manual, starting from the beginning of the hazardous work until the end, and to check its’ use. The employer must also keep records of the PPE, provide suitable storage conditions and regular checks and maintenance. The latter must emanate from the requirements in the user manual.

PPE which has exceeded the use term or become otherwise unsuitable, or their replaceable and contaminated elements, shall be handled pursuant to the Waste Act.

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