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First Aid Equipment

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First Aid Equipment

First aid equipment must be always available for all employees at the workplace. The unlocked closet or portable first aid kit must be located in a room that employees can easily access, and the first aid equipment must be marked with the corresponding sign (white cross on green background). No hindering object may be placed in front of the first aid equipment, and the closet or kit must contain a sufficient amount of first aid equipment. The amount of necessary equipment depends on the number of employees in the company. Different requirements apply to companies below and more than 25 employees.

When purchasing the first aid equipment, the company-specific needs must be taken into account. For example, when working with hazardous chemicals, it is mandatory that the workplace has a possibility to rinse eyes (eye shower) or has burn-relieving medicaments as a first aid measure against burns. Eye shower must be located in the room where hazardous chemicals are used – when the chemical has got into the employee’s eyes, they cannot go and look for the eye shower in some other room or at the opposite end of the factory.

The first aid equipment should not contain any medicaments as the employee might not be aware of possible reactions or allergies to unfamiliar medicaments. Therefore, the medicaments that a person regularly uses, should be on them, not in the company’s first aid kit.

The employer appoints the person responsible for the order of the first aid equipment. This is usually the first aid giver.

The workplace must have a room where it is possible to give first aid and keep the injured until the ambulance arrives. The break room of the employees might be suitable – but the most important condition is that it must be possible to lie down. How this possibility is guaranteed, is up to the employer to decide.

First aid equipment must also be present in motor vehicles (e.g. car, bus, tractor) belonging to the employer – a list of first aid equipment mandatory in motor vehicles can also be found in the regulation by the Minister of Social Affairs.

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