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Work in a Standing Position

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Work in a Standing Position

Work which requires a great movement radius and strength, and a lot of movement away from the workplace, is usually done in the standing position. Even though the standing position enables greater mobility, it does strain muscles, joints and ligatures even more than the sitting position. Positions that work in a standing position are, for example chefs, hairdressers, linemen, foresters, etc.


Work in a standing position must be planned with resting breaks. It would be best to alternate between the standing and sitting position, and to equip all standing positions with seats. Working upright can cause pains in some parts of the body, which is the alarm that joints are overstrained. People should listen to their body and respect pain as the protective cover of the organism. Working in a standing position for a long time could cause pain and swelling in legs, varix and back disorders.

Good posture and balance must be kept in mind when working in a standing position. It is important to check that body weight is evenly distributed on both legs, enabling a balanced load on joints. When working in a standing position, it is important to choose footwear that supports, has a low heel and strong sole, does not squeeze nor make feet sweat. The floor may not be slippery nor uneven. Suitable floor materials include timber, but also elastic rubber or plastic.

The work surface height must be suitable for the employee’s height and work difficulty. It is important to check that the employee is not constantly bent, turned, nor working with raised hands. Shoulders must be kept on the same level, if possible, and elbows should rest near the body, so that hands would fall freely from the shoulders.

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