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Ergonomy is a science concerning the most favourable ways, means and environment of activity for humans and it studies the adjustment of tools and conditions according to the person’s needs.

Ergonomists are occupational health care specialists who design and evaluate tasks, positions, products, organizations and systems to make them as suitable to people as possible, and to bring them into coordination with the employees' needs, abilities and limitations. When doing their jobs, the ergonomists must take the physical, cognitive, social, organisatory, environmental and other relevant factors into consideration.

Providers of the occupational health care service (including the ergonomists) are registered at the Health Board.

Ergonomy can be divided into three broader spheres:

  • Physical ergonomy is related to the anatomic, anthropologic and physiologic properties and physical activity. Physical ergonomy deals with working positions, materials' handling, repetitive movements and workplace organization, to give some examples.
  • Cognitive (perceptive) ergonomy is related to mental processes that influence the co-functioning of a human and their surrounding environment, such as perception, memory, reaction and motive memory. For example, cognitive ergonomy deals with mental work load, decision-making process, trustworthiness and work stress.
  • Organization ergonomy is communication, organizing team resources, developing work and working times, teamwork, shaping the participation, co-operation, organization culture, virtual organizations and remote work.

Ergonomy is necessary to prevent skeletal and muscular complaints. Using ergonomic tricks or work and perfecting tasks and tools enables to decrease the spread and severity of complaints.

Making the workplace ergonomic should also be covered in the risk analysis, paying special attention to tools and working environment.

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