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Ergonomic Workplace Setup

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Ergonomic Workplace Setup

Visual Distance

Visual distance must be in proportion with the work object – small objects require smaller visual distance and higher work surface. Objects that are constantly compared at short visual distances (less than 1 m) must be placed on the same visual distance.

Visual Angle

The mostly observed object must be placed in front of the employee and centred. The recommended visual angle (measured from the eye horizon) alternated between 15 and 45 degrees, depending on the working position.


In the case of a sitting work, sufficient room below the work surface and the seat is necessary to move the legs. The recommended room width is 60 cm, depth on the knee-level 45 cm and on the floor 65 cm. When working in a standing position, there should be 15 cm of room in height and in depth for the foot. Recommended free space behind a standing employee is 90 cm (in the case they do not handle heavy objects).


Constantly used seat must have:

  • an adjustable height,
  • air-penetrating upholstery, and
  • an adjustable back rest.

Seat used by several people must be easily adjustable.

Necessity for a seat with a high back rest and adjustable armrests depends on the work.

For employees working in the standing position, there must be a high chair to use as a temporary support and occasional breaks.

Hand Tools

The size, shape, weight and cover material of hand tools must enable good grip and comfortable use. The use of hand tools should not require a great effort. Vibration and noise level must be as low as possible.

Other devices such as machinery, components, personal protective gear, checking and controls, supports, fixators, lifting and moving aids must be comfortable, efficient and handy to use.

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