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Working Time Limit

Viimati uuendatud: 21.06.2017

The Employment Contracts Act poses limitations to protect the employee’s health, which are daily, weekly, and general working time limit. This may not be exceeded even when the employee agrees to work more.

Employee may not work more than 48 hours on the average per week with the calculation period until:

  • 4 months, or
  • 12 months for health care, welfare, agriculture and tourism staff (with a collective agreement).

This is a general working time limit, which must be adhered to both in the case of regular and totalled working time calculation.

Calculation period which exceeds four months is legally forbidden. If the employee happens to be on a vacation or sick leave, or refuses to work on some other legally stipulated grounds, the employer must subtract the corresponding time from the calculation period.

As an exception, the calculation period can be extended (with a collective agreement) up to 12 months for health care, welfare, agriculture and tourism staff. In the case of a longer calculation period in the aforementioned sectors, the employee can work longer hours during one part of the period on the account of the calculation period with a lower load.

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