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Daily Rest Time

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Employee must have at least 11-hours of continuous rest time during a 24-hour time period. This means that, together with overtime, employee can work 13 hours at the maximum in one shift.

As an exception, the daily rest time limitation is not applied for health care and welfare personnel on the condition that longer shifts are safe to their health. In addition to this legal exception, exceptions to the daily working time limitation may also be established with the collective agreement. Exceptions set with the collective agreement are allowed, for instance, for activities when the employee’s working and living place are far from one another, the service/manufacturing must continue at all times, for manufacturing gas, water, and electric energy, for security and supervision personnel, harbour and airport personnel, people related to passenger traffic, etc. In this case, the employee must be given additional resting time after the shift which corresponds to the number of hours by which the 13-hour shift was exceeded. For instance, if the shift lasted 16 hours, the employee must be provided 14 hours of rest after that (11 hours of daily resting time + 3 hours exceeding the 13-hour shift).

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