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Using a Tachograph

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Two types of tachographs exist: analogue tachograph and, starting from 01.05.2006, digital tachograph.

The tachograph must measure and register:

  • The mileage of the vehicle;
  • The speed of the vehicle;
  • The driving time;
  • Other work or standby time;
  • Work breaks and daily resting time.

Saving Modes

The driver:

a) Guarantees that the time registered on the record sheet complies with the official time of the country where the vehicle is registered in;

b) Uses the switches that enable to register the following time intervals separately and distinguishably.   Driving the vehicle or travel time (generated automatically by the tachograph)

Driver Equipped with an Analogue Tachograph

Each driver equipped with an analogue tachograph marks the following data on their record sheet:

  1. When starting to use the record sheet, their first and family name;
  2. The date and place of the record sheet use start and end;
  3. The registration of each vehicle that they are appointed to drive with, both at the beginning of the first trip marked on the record sheet as the use of the record sheet, when the vehicle must be changed;
  4. The number on the odometer:

1) At the beginning of the first trip marked on the record sheet;

2) At the end of the last trip marked on the record sheet;

3) If the vehicle must be changed during the workday, then the reading of the first vehicle, that the driver had to use, and the reading of the next vehicle as well;

      5. The time of changing vehicles.

Use of the Tachograph

  • The driver uses the record sheet or driver’s card each day when they drive the vehicle and starting from the moment when they take over the vehicle. The record sheet or driver’s card is not taken out before the end of the daily worktime, if taking it out is not allowed otherwise. No record sheet or driver’s card can be used for a longer period of time than it is meant for.
  • Drivers protect the record sheets or driver’s sheets with due diligence and do not use dirty or damaged record sheets or driver’s sheets.
  • The record sheet may not be kept in the tachograph for more than 24 hours. Otherwise, the saved data is re-written and cannot be connected to a certain date and time.
  • In the case of a digital tachograph, the driver is obliged to manually enter the country where the journey begins and ends.
  • If the driver is not in the vehicle and can therefore not use the tachograph installed in the vehicle, then the vehicle is equipped with an analogue tachograph and data must be added to the record sheet manually (with automatic registration or other means), legibly and without staining the record sheet. If the vehicle is equipped with a digital tachograph, missing data must be added to the driver’s sheet using the manual entry device.

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