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Child Care Leave

Viimati uuendatud: 19.02.2017

A mother or a father is entitled for a child care leave until the child becomes three years old. The child care leave is given to one parent simultaneously, and parents have a right to use it entirely or in parts, at any time. For example, it is possible that one parent uses the child care leave, then goes to work and the other parent uses the child care leave, and then the roles are switched yet again. When using the vacation, it must be considered that immediately after childbirth and until the child is 70 days old, only the mother is entitled for the child care leave.

The Employment Contracts Act prescribes an advance notice obligation. The employer must be notified at least 14 calendar days in advance if the employee wishes to go to or return from the child care leave. However, the parties may also agree on a different advance notice deadline.

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