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Adoptive Parents’ Leave

Viimati uuendatud: 12.12.2019

The adoptive parent of a child under 10 years old is entitled to get 70 calendar days of adoptive parents’ leave starting from the day the adoption court order takes effect. Only one parent can use this leave at a time. Adoptive leave cannot be taken before the court judgment has entered into force or 70 days after the judgment entered into force.

The benefit amount is 100% of the adopter’s medium remuneration per each calendar day, calculated based on the preceding calendar year figures.

The adoptive parents’  leave may be used later than the date on which the judgment has entered into force. The adoptive parents’  leave must be taken consecutively and cannot be divided into parts. Partially or totally unused adoptive parents’  leave is not compensated.

For example, the adoption judgment will enter into force on 1 December. The worker wishes to take the adoptive parents’ leave from 10 December, as the other parent is staying at home with the child for the first 10 days, taking his or her annual leave. Starting from the date of entry into force of the judgment, the maximum leave period would be 70 days, from 1 December to 8 February. The employee can take the adoptive parents’ leave from December 10 to February 8, 60 days. No compensation is paid for the first 10 days. The right to claim adoptive parents’ leave expires on 8 February and unused leave is not compensated in money.

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