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Representing employees

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To increase the quality of employment relationships, both Estonian and international labour right acknowledge the employees’ representation need. Representatives chosen by the employees have better knowledge than regular employees and are better protected in the employment relationships – thus, they can more actively participate at protecting the employees’ rights. Also, it is easier and more effective for the employer to communicate with one specific person, not with each employee separately.

Estonia has four kinds of employee representatives:

  • Trustee of employees – Employee chosen to represent the interests of all employees by the employees’ general meeting;
  • Trade union – Union created by the employees, the main goal of which is to protect the rights of its’ members;
  • Working environment representatives – Working environment representative and council – Members selected by the employees who represent the employees in questions related to occupational health and safety;
  •  Representatives of employees at community-scale undertakings – Employees who have been chosen to represent the entire personnel at the general board.

The task of the employee representatives is to cooperate and to supplement the knowledge and skills of one another in order to represent employee interests better is all spheres of the working life.

Representing employees is regulated by the following laws:

  • Employees' Trustee Act
  • Trade Unions Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Community-Scale Involvement of Employees Act

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