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Warning and Supportive Strikes

Viimati uuendatud: 25.02.2017

Employees and their unions and associations are allowed to organize warning strikes that last up to an hour.

Supportive strikes can be organized to support the striking employees. The supportive strikes may not last longer than three days.

The representative, union, or association of employees must notify the employer or the federation of employers, and the local government, about these pressure activities at least three days in advance.

The obligation to refrain from striking must be adhered to when participating at a warning or supportive strike. As this obligation generally applies as was agreed in the collective agreement, then when there is actually no labour dispute between the supporter and the employer, the obligation to refrain from striking also does not apply. In the case of a warning strike it must be evaluated whether it does not contradict with the collective agreement, which must guarantee peaceful work.

Peaceful working obligation must be followed in cases then the absolute obligation to refrain from striking has been agreed on – meaning that the peaceful work obligation is valid in any case.

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