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Labour Dispute Outbreak and Notifying of it

Viimati uuendatud: 25.02.2017

One of the work-related priorities of both the employer and employee should be to avoid the labour dispute outbreak. Firstly, it should be determined what the parties want and pursue. To avoid regrettable circumstances when the dispute arises from a simple misunderstanding, it should be determined whether the parties understand each other the same way. The first way to avoid labour disputes are private consultations and negotiations held in good faith, respecting the other party. The applications and suggestions about working conditions or the collective agreement draft are always presented to the other party in writing. Parties are obliged to review the proposals within seven calendar days and to inform the proponent in writing on the day after the decision was made. If parties come to an agreement regarding the collective agreement draft or its’ amendment proposals, the collective agreement will soon be concluded. Otherwise, a collective labour dispute shall break out which must be solved.

Parties shall turn to the Public Conciliator if an agreement is not reached in negotiations and the work disruption risk emerges.

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