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Declaration of Cancellation

Viimati uuendatud: 25.02.2017

The employment contract can be terminated with a declaration of cancellation presented in a written and reproducible form (e.g. fax, email). In addition to the form, the cancellation may not be conditional, as a conditional termination is vague for the employee and thus also harmful. If the declaration of cancellation has breached the form requirement or is conditional, the cancellation is treated as void.

The declaration of extraordinary employment contract cancellation must contain a reasoning. The employer must always ground the termination, and the employee the extraordinary termination.

Differently from the form requirement breach, the missing justification does not invalidate the declaration, but the other party may demand compensation for damage caused by the lack of reasoning. For example, if the employee later discovers that if they had known the cause for cancellation, they could have successfully disputed the contract and would have been reinstated or received compensation, the mentioned party has the possibility to demand compensation for damage caused by the lack of reasoning.

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