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Claims’ Collectibility at the End of the Employment Contract

Viimati uuendatud: 02.11.2017

Together with the end of the employment contract, all claims emanating from the employment contract become collectable. This means that at the day when the employment contract ends, the employer must compensate all earned but not yet paid amounts to the employee. If the employer ignores the collectibility time of monetary claims, they must also pay an interest.

Collectable claims are primarily:

  • Unpaid remuneration,
  • Unused vacation compensation, and
  • Returning of the work instruments.

As an exception, parties may agree in writing about the collectibility time of the fee paid for transactions, but only for such transactions that are partially or entirely made after the end of the employment contract. Fee collectibility can be postponed for up to six months. In the case of partially executable transactions, the collectibility can be postponed for up to a year. In the case of insurance contracts and other contracts the fulfilment of which requires more than half a year, the collectibility time can be postponed by two years, at the maximum.


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