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Cancelling the Employment Contract during the Trial Period

Viimati uuendatud: 25.02.2017

The trial period is meant for the employer to evaluate whether they can and want to do the agreed work. The employee can also assess whether the employee’s health, knowledge, skills, capabilities and personal characteristics correspond to the level required for performing the work. Parties have the possibility to find out during the trial period whether such a relationship corresponds to what they want or not.

The employer must ground the employment contract cancellation during the trial period or mention the reasons why is the employee unsuitable for the agreed job. When giving the evaluation, the employer explains why the employee is unsuitable for the job due to their health, knowledge, skills, abilities or personal characteristics. The employee must not justify the contract cancellation.

The employer and employee can cancel both the fixed-term and unlimited employment contracts during the trial period with a 15-day prior notice. The cancellation declaration can also be given on the last trial period day. In this case, the employment relationship does not end with the last trial period day but after the end of the notification period (i.e. 15 calendar days). If the notification period is not adhered to, the employee or employer have a right for compensation for the number of days the notification is shorter by. The compensation is the medium daily remuneration per each less notified workday.

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