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Resting Room

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Resting Room

Need for a separate resting room is evaluated by the employer, depending on the working environment and kind of work, and consulting with the employees. The resting room must be available if it is necessary to ensure the health and safety of employees. For example, resting room is important to guarantee health if the work is done in a noisy environment, extreme temperatures, or in constant contact with customers.

The resting room must be big enough, taking into account the number of employees and working order (all employees having a break at the same time should be able to sit freely in the resting room); the mandatory elements of the resting room furniture are desks and chairs with back rests.

Smoking is forbidden in the resting room.

If a separate resting room is not deemed as necessary, some other room should be fitted where the employees could rest during breaks. An example – resting corners in offices. There is no separate room, but a section of the general office space has been customized for resting breaks.

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