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Non-Work Rooms in Special Conditions

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Non-Work Rooms in Special Conditions

In special works like construction, fishing and mining, special requirements apply on non-work rooms, emanating from the working conditions’ specifics.

For example, in addition to regular rooms, the shelter is also treated as a non-work room of construction sites and it is required that non-work rooms must be located as close to the site as possible, and be ready for use prior to the start of construction works.

If the dressing rooms are not necessary for employees at the construction site, they must still have a place to store overalls and personal objects. The employer must also offer a room for resting and dining, and for preserving and heating take-away food (if the employer does not organize catering themselves). Special conditions also apply on housing the employees on the construction site, if it is necessary for the work.

If fishing ships have non-work rooms, they must shelter the crew from the weather, noise, vibration and swinging as much as possible, and that unpleasant smells from other parts of the ship could not enter these rooms. Temperature in the non-work rooms of the ship must range between 20-25 °C and the rooms must be lit by at least 150 lux; each bunk must also be equipped with a spot light.

More detailed overview about the requirements on special works is available on the page treating the special conditions on non-work rooms.

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