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Dressing Room

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Dressing Room

Dressing room is required if the employees must wear working clothes. Dressing rooms must be big enough, have seats and lockers. If the work is dusty, dirty, related to hazardous chemicals or substances containing these, the employee must have the possibility to protect their personal clothes by keeping them in a different locker or locker section. Separate dressing rooms must be set up for men and women, or the same dressing room is used at different times – for example, men’s shift begins an hour later than that of women, and different dressing room use times have been agreed upon.

If the work requires drying wet working clothes, footwear or towels, the employer must guarantee that employees can use a well-ventilated and sufficiently big drying room or locker. The moist air exiting it may not enter other rooms.

Employees that do not need a dressing room must be provided a place to keep their outdoor clothes.

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