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Radon is a colourless and odourless high-radioactive gas, heavier than air. It is a decay product of uranium, thus being more common in areas where the soil’s uranium content is higher. Radon is found in most soil types.

A building’s indoor air radon content is directly connected to the concentration of radon in the soil air. Radon concentration in indoor air increases especially then when the air movement speed is low, enabling radon to build up in rooms and grow its’ concentration. Radon poses a hazard for all buildings: old and new, with or without a basement, etc.

Radon in Estonia

Radon content in the soil air (1m deep) exceeds the marginal rate by up to 8 times on the North-Estonian limestone shore. Areas with increased radon content can also be found in East and South Estonia. Radon content in West-Estonia and the islands does not generally exceed the marginal rate.

Illustration. Radon concentration in Estonian townships (click the image to enlarge)

Radon’s Ways into Buildings

Radon could enter a building using the belowlisted ways (also click on the illustrating image):

  • cracks in the floor,
  • construction junctions,
  • cracks in walls,
  • cracks around pipes (water, sewage and other communications),
  • voids under the floor, gaps in walls, carried with tap water.

Atmospheric pressure can also play a part, pressing the outdoor radon into the building.

Illustration. Proportion of radon sources in radon concentration (click the image to enlarge)

Health Effects

Radon enters the organism mostly through breathing, but radon’s highly radioactive daughter elements could penetrate the organism also with food and water. As the radon’s daughter elements anchor on dust and other particles flowing in the air, a dusty and smoky room increases the indoor radon level.

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