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Free counselling service of the Labour Inspectorate

  • The councelling service is free of charge
  • You can reach the councelling service via phone (640 6000) or e-mail (jurist@ti,ee).
  • The councelling only offers advice and explanations but not specific legal aid.

Free counselling service of the Labour Inspectorate

The legal advisors and work environment consultants of the Labour Inspectorate provide counselling services related to the Labour Inspectorate. The legal advisors give answers to questions concerning employment contracts, working and rest time, holidays, wages and other matters related to labour relations as well as collective labour relations. The work environment consultants answer questions about safety at work and healthy workplaces.

The goal of the counselling service is to help all parties of a working relation to know and fulfill all their contractual and agrees rights and obligations, to promote lawful actions and to reduce and prevent conflicts and violations. 

The counselling service can be reached via phone at 640 6000 or via email, [email protected]The counselling service of the Labour Inspectorate is free of charge.  The adviser of the Labour Inspectorate is impartial and reliable. The counselling is confidential, i.e. information obtained in the course of the consultations is not disclosed without the consent of the parties, except in cases prescribed by law.

The helpline does not answer or provide solutions to disagreements in employment relationships or offer legal aid, the counselling service only gives explanations about issues related to implementation of legal acts under the supervision of the Labour Inspectorate

Calling the hotline 640 6000

The helpline 640 6000 is open every working day from 09:00 to 15:00.

For more complex questions and callers who need further clarification, it is recommended to contact the local inspectorate or send the question in writing to [email protected]. The lawyer answers the written questions as soon as possible, but not later than within 30 days. 

Don't hesitate asking to speak in English. If the the lawyer doesn't speak English, he/she will redirect you to an English-speaking lawyer.

Recommendations before calling the infoline:

  • Make yourself the question to what a you want an answer clear before you call;
  • Try to formulate the question as clearly as possible;
  • Ask one question at a time and listen to the answer;
  • Listen to the respondent`s detailed questions;
  • Ask only what you really need to know;
  • Avoid calling at the request of someone, or recommended him to call himself;
  • Avoid a long explanation of the background associated with the problem, to give others an opportunity to call as well;
  • Do not start a discussion with the respondent;

The lawyers infoline is financed by the European Social Fund.

Asking for advice in writing

You can contact the legal advisors and work environment consultants of the Labour Inspectorate via the contact form below or directly at [email protected]

NB! The lawyers of the Labor Inspectorate do not provide legal aid but provide explanations regarding the Employment Contracts Act and legislation issued on the basis thereof.

We usually respond within 7 calendar days, but if answering requires the collection of information, we will respond within 30 calendar days at the latest.

The Labor Inspectorate may use your data to conduct customer satisfaction surveys.