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Becoming a Family-Friendly Enterprise


I had an honor to participate in an event where the Minister of Social Protection Kaia Iva gave family-friendly primary label to 44 employers. Among the Family-Friendly Employer’s Program participants, employers come from a wide range of fields, starting from public sector education institution and ending with the IT and banking sector. One of the participants in the program is our company ToughWood Homes OÜ, which is the only participant in its field. Here’s an overview of the program and how our company relates to it.

What is a Family-Friendly Employer’s Program?

With the support of the European Social Fund, the Ministry of Social Affairs and its partners have established a Family-Friendly Employer’s Program. Its purpose is to draw attention to the family-friendly culture and to rise awareness among employers about the importance of the topic. This program is divided into several stages and lasts for a long time. During the program organisations will be given the guidance and evaluation necessary to create family-friendly working environment. When the employer passes the program successfully, a gold, silver or bronze label will be given, which is a proof that family-friendly values are being implemented.

ToughWood Homes and Family-Friendliness

Family-friendliness and ToughWood Homes are well suited! Since the foundation of the company, one of the main focus has been creating a good working environment for our employees. The organisation has almost completed its fourth year of operation, in which the principles of a Family-Friendly Employer’s Program have been partially implemented from the very beginning. We believe that participating in the Family-Friendly Employers Program will help us to create best possible working enviroment for our employees.

Speaking about our company as a family-friendly organization, I feel that a lot of work has been done, but more needs to be done. At this point, it seems appropriate to recall the two guiding principles of ToughWood Homes: company’s competitive edge is its people, and when the company takes care of its employees, they will take good care of the clients. This is the key how we can provide top-quality wooden house construction! So we feel lucky to be given the chance to participate in the Family-Friendly Employer’s Program. Looking forward to experiment new ways to be better employer and we will do our best that one day we could truly say that we are a family-friendly enterprise!

Author: Kairo Tamm, ToughWood Homes CEO

Becoming a Family-Friendly Enterprise
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